How to start and keep going against all the odds is a list of distinctions, beliefs, and guidelines that I practice regularly. It helps me maintain a positive attitude and keep going. As a result, my energy level goes up, and I feel motivated. And it gives me the power to combat self-doubt and develop confidence. My own experience verifies every point on this list. Hence I can guarantee that It works. It is beneficial for those who are chasing their dreams and want to be successful. Not a single point in this list is optional. Therefore use all distinctions, beliefs, and guidelines in totality.

  1. Define the goal in such a way that it is compelling to you. Because you can never achieve poorly stated goals no matter how much effort you put into it. And if it happens repeatedly, there’s a possibility that the person starts believing himself/herself as a failure.
    (There is a fantastic Neuro-Linguistic Programming pattern for systematically creating well-formed outcomes.)
  2. You can only start from where you are.
    Most of the time, our estimation of ourselves is incorrect. Either we underestimate or overestimate. We must honestly accept, “Okay, this is the situation, and this is my current level.” In the past, you may have done wonders, but your today’s position matters. And the good news is that, once you know where you stand, a promising beginning is possible. And well begun is half done! But how will you know that your estimation of yourself is correct? Just check. If you can’t find opportunities, you may be operating from a different level than your actual level. Your status may be very high in your mind, it may be accurate, but it is just a potential that is not actualized yet.
  3. It’s an adventurous journey from “now” to the goal.
  4. Have a positive mindset and empowering beliefs.
  5. You will never know the correct path beforehand. Hence be flexible and receptive. Let the way unfold; go on collecting the wisdom! If your goal is well defined, intuitively, you will know what is right for you and what is not. Eventually, you will understand that there is a synchronicity in everything that is happening with you. And you will know the dots are connecting! That’s why start and keep going.
  6. Please don’t fall into the trap of too much detailing because it will make you unnecessarily rigid.
  7. Stop worrying; nothing is permanent; even your plans are going to change.
  8. Keep learning; appreciate your growth as a person during the journey. Remember, goals will come and go, but the internal development that happened during the journey will always remain with you.
  9. Program yourself for failing. And every time you fail, double your commitment.
  10. If what you are doing isn’t working, do something else. Do anything else. (This is one of the most useful NLP presuppositions)
  11. Ask for help because anyone can give you a new idea!
  12. Always remain aware of the surrounding environment since it is an excellent source of feedback.
  13. Always remember, people, are your most incredible resources (Another great NLP presupposition). Remember, you are not the only one with a goal; people around you, too, have plans. Help them achieve their dreams because this is a great way to enroll them and have synergy.
  14. Keep reading books and learning from people.
  15. Review, rest and celebrate milestones.
  16. Be courageous to try new, bold ideas.
  17. Be ready to drop who you are (actually, it’s what you think about yourself); allow yourself to evolve!
  18. You are the hero of your story. I like to imagine that someday, someone will create a fantastic movie out of my journey. So, keep writing the script, including all the characters in the story. And don’t forget the motivational villain! ?
  19. Stay physically and mentally fit!
  20. Keep sharing your knowledge.
  21. Make a plan and stick to it for 30 days, review and make a new plan.
  22. Make many friends!
  23. Be patient!
  24. Be consistent!
  25. Meditate!
  26. Trust yourself, have faith, and never lose hope.

The above list is extensible. You are free to add your distinctions, beliefs, and guidelines to it. I have already started preparing the next version of this list! If you haven’t started it, choose your goal, start chasing it, and don’t stop till you achieve it!