You are already awesome, but you don’t think so!
People look up to you, but you don’t count them!
People want to become like you, but you want to be someone else!

You have had your share of ups and downs.
You have fought your battles and emerged as a winner.
Maybe not every time, but you have survived to tell your story!

You say they think your story is ordinary, and there’s nothing to boast about it.
You feel sad and start to believe that your whole life has been wasted.
You don’t tell anyone, but you start doubting your worth.

My dear friend, you are wrong. You are already awesome!
You have potential that can impact millions of people.
If you are watching this video, it’s not a mere coincidence!

You ask, but why don’t I see my potential? Why don’t I believe the way you believe in me?
And do you even know me? How can you make such an outrageous claim?

Because I have gone through it, I have tasted the bitterness of feeling worthless.
I have been at the bottom of the abyss of depression. I have spent my days and nights in the darkness. All alone.

And one fine day, it dawned on me, there are billions of people on this planet.
Am I not valuable to even a few?
Don’t I have anything to offer to at least a few?
If I am so worthless, then why this fire is burning within me?

Then I started looking around with a lot of curiosity and a little fear!
And what I found not just opened my eyes wide but also set me free!

I had limited my perception to a few people’s opinions.
They said my knowledge, experience, and skills were not up to their mark.

BUT I made a mistake to regard their opinions as to the ultimate truth.
I forgot that there are billions of other people.
And to at least millions of them, my life can be inspiring!

It was my ego that had positioned my desires so high.
I had forgotten that I could start only from where I am.
And when I started, from where I was, there was complete freedom.
I could be who I am!
And there’s no reward as precious as being appreciated for who you are in your purest form! It is so liberating!

I instantly realized that I am already awesome.
I have beautiful life experiences.
And the exciting part is that I already have an audience waiting for me!

These are my people; I have been called on this planet to serve them.
I am an entrepreneur, and these people are my community.
I was trying to serve the wrong people. They were not my audience.

So, my dear friend, take a break.
You are already awesome!
You just need to identify your audience.
The easiest way is to look behind you.
There are millions of people behind you waiting to be served by you!

The fastest way to impact people’s lives is not through wisdom.
It’s the application of it. Throw in your life experiences and make a magic potion!
That magic potion is called your product!
Solve only one problem, and you will become their “Go-To Expert.”

In this day and age…
Success is psychology, strategy, and technology.
Strategy and technology are useless without healthy psychology.

Healthy psychology demands a salesmanship mentality!
“If You Build It, They Will Come” doesn’t work.
You need to persuade them even for their own benefit!

So, come on! Charge your batteries! There’s a lot to do!
Your audience is dying to get served by you!
It’s time to reveal your wizardry and change the lives of at least some.
Cause now you know you are already awesome!